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Use Modular Boxes

Always use removal boxes that have been specifically designed for domestic house removals, moving, shipping and storage. Packing boxes and removal boxes should be modular (stackable), so that when loading a removal vehicle or storage unit they can be built up together, just like using building blocks, which minimises wasted space, enhances box strength and makes handling easier, safer and more efficient.

Small Packing Box

Small packing boxes should be used for packing smaller heavier items such as tinned food, books and also delicate items and electrical items.

Medium Packing Box

Medium packing boxes should be used to pack general house items such as pots, pans, kitchenware and ornaments.

Large Packing Box Large packing boxes should be used to pack larger yet lighter items of general household goods such as lamps, lampshades, kitchenware, soft furnishings, toys etc.

Wardrobe Boxes

Assemble the wardrobe box and insert the hanging rail supplied, hang the contents of your wardrobe and seal the wardrobe box with packing tape when full. Wardrobe boxes are excellent to use as temporary wardrobes if you have moved from a house with built in wardrobes to a house without built in or free standing wardrobes.


Packing Box Assembly

1. Identify the bottom of the packing box.

2. Fold two opposite flaps inwards.

3. Fold the remaining two opposite flaps inwards.

4. Seal along the joint and at least six inches down the sides with packing tape.

5. For additional removal box strength, seal the box seams in an H pattern with packing tape.

6. Do not stretch the tape as this will weaken the tape and cause it to peel away from the removal boxes.

7. Do not interlock the flaps as this will weaken the removal box.

8. Once packed, fold two smaller opposite flaps inwards, fold the two remaining larger opposite flaps inwards and seal the joint across the top of the removal box with packing tape.

9. Mark boxes for your recognition, destination at your new home, un-packing priority, contents and your name and removal box number if going into storage.

10. Do not overfill boxes or leave items protruding from the top, as this will make them harder to handle and increase the risk of damage to contents and other items.

11. Do not make removal boxes too heavy (you may need to move them yourself once the removal men have gone).

12. Packing boxes with breakable contents should be clearly marked “FRAGILE”. Rule of thumb “The heavier the item, the smaller the box it should be packed in”.

How To Pack Breakables

In the bottom of the empty removal box, place a layer of screwed-up packing paper approximately two inches thick to act as a cushion. Then place a layer of strong or heavy packed china across the bottom. Add another layer of screwed up packing paper. Add another layer of china, each piece separately wrapped in a sheet of packing paper. Continue until the removal box is almost full, fill in gaps etc. with small wrapped items such as small cups and lids. Then add another layer of screwed-up packing paper approximately two inches thick across the top of the removal box Seal the fully packed removal box with packing tape and mark as fragile and also contents and destination at your new home.


Wine glasses, champagne flutes etc. should be wrapped using packing paper or our specialist glass wrapping sheets and packed into removal boxes a layer at a time with sheets of screwed up packing paper to act as a cushion between each layer. Alternatively you can use a cardboard divider which is easier than wrapping each individual item and offers additional support to the packing box.


Plates should be packed one on top of the other with a sheet of packing paper around each. Place the crockery in the corners of the box with the largest at the bottom and work upwards.Wrap cups, mugs, bowls etc. and place in the centre and in any gaps of the removal box.

Spouts & Handles

Jugs, teapots and items with handles and spouts should have extra padding around spouts and handles and be packed upright, fill in gaps, under and around the packed spouts and handles with packed lids and other small pieces of crockery or screwed up packing paper.


Cutlery should be wrapped in small bundles with packing paper or corrugated wrapping cardboard, all sharp knives should be facing the same direction.


Fridges and Freezers

Weeks prior to your removal you should try to dwindle any freezer stocks, defrost and drain the day before your removal. Wrap with bubble wrap to protect against knocks and scratches during handling, moving and storage.

Cookers and Fires

Disconnect gas and electric cookers and replace fittings with appropriate plugs and caps, seal hoses to the appliance with zip ties.Your removal company will be able to do this for you if you wish.

Washing Machines and Dishwashers

Un-plumb and drain the day prior to your removal, your removal company will be able to do this for you if you wish. Wrap the items with bubble wrap to prevent damage during handling and moving.

Irons, Fryers,Tea/Coffee Makers

Empty, drain and dry out prior to your removal day and pack into removal boxes.

The Kettle

Do not pack the kettle, cups etc., as removal men often work a lot more efficiently when supplied with tea and coffee at regular intervals. Use a Bitz box to pack these items last and unpack them first.




The contents of free standing and built in wardrobes such as suits, dresses, shirts and blouses should be packed into wardrobe boxes or folded and packed in linen boxes. Alternatively, take 5 or 6 items on hangers, cover with a bin liner with the hooks poking through the bottom of the plastic liner and secure the hanger hooks with packing tape or zip ties to form a manageable bundle of hanging garments.


Linen, blankets, pillows and bedding should be packed into bedding sacks and linen boxes.

Unnecessary Packing

It is not necessary to unpack chests of drawers or ottomans if contents are not breakable or heavy e.g. books. Secure drawers with handy wrap or removal van ties prior to removal to avoid damage to drawers and doors or walls and door frames during handling and movement. (however, some specialist removal company insurances may void the goods in transit cover if drawers etc. are still full, you should clarify this with your chosen remover).

Hi-Fi, DVD and Computer equipment

The drawers should be empty of all disks, as when re-started, they may jam. Record players should have the turntable and playing arm secured. Wrap the item with bubble wrap to prevent damage.

Lamp Shades

Once removed from their fittings they should be packed as breakables into packing boxes, plastic liners can be used for ordinary shades.



Tacks should be removed and the carpet then rolled up, try to avoid bending the carpet as this will make it more difficult to relay, secure roll ends with packing tape. Advise your removal company if you are taking any or all of the carpets.

Wall Hangings

Mirrors and pictures should be taken off the wall and wrapped in bubble wrap or removal transit blankets and packed into removal box. Our mirror and picture boxes are an excellent way of packing pictures and mirrors to create a sturdy transportable package. Clocks should be wrapped in bubble wrap.

Fuel Filled Items

These should be emptied prior to your removal and packed separately and marked with caution, many removal companies are not allowed to carry such goods due to insurance clauses, these may include paint, petrol canisters, gas bottles (full or empty) garden chemicals or anything flammable.These items should be packed into a removal box and may need to be carried separately.

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